The land of other PEOPLE


The basis of any social reality is language. Under the language, we understand the structure arising from the speech under the influence of the usual order of social relations. Namely, the order of social relations provides a fact, which is keeping the meaning bestowed a sense of what each of us is not only part of the world but in addition, is a part of his or her small family and things, which are surrounding us.
With all responsibility, we should recognize that unfortunately, some of the members from the political and administrative authorities believe that we should speak the language of another. However, it could happen only that we would be able to hear someone; the only thing is that maybe we do not wish to know nothing regarding someone else.
On the other hand, the manipulated object does not exist in a direct contact with the society, but is rather in the situation «turned off».
It is necessary to notify that the dominant factor in these relationships should be considered the psychic and social environment, which are united and at the same time they are elements of our existence.
It is quite expected that the struggle is precisely on these planes so due to that one of the main theses of the constructive discourse is that the core of the project is an ideological unification of the separate views.

We are talking regarding the situation, which was formed after the military confrontation in 1992 between Moldova and Transnistria. The fact is that after these events Moldavian society was separated into two conflicting sides. By means of the project «Land of other people» members of different artists and dance collectives from Transnistria and Moldova have expressed the desire for positive movement inside the cultural society through dance to unit two territories in one region.

2010    “Land of other PEOPLE “, ART-hotel gallery, “Oberliht”, Chisinau, Moldova.
“Land of other PEOPLE “, within the framework of “GLOB(E)SCAPE”, 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia.

Autor: Alexandru Raevschi
Video editing: Silvia Mirzenco and Alexandru Raevschi
Video operator(s): Ruben Agadjanean and Nicu Borș

Participants: Sergei Petrashko, Nadejda Dmitriev, Ekaterina Korneeva, Silvia Mirzenco, Iulia Andreevich, Anastasia Marchenko, Alexandr Shokodei, Ruxanda Stefanov, Veacheslav Avramoglo, Mihail Moraru, Marina Sari, Tatiana Demchuk, Andrei Chekerlan, Iulia Deliu, Vitalii Lashcu, Alexandru Raevschi.

With support of the association of young artists “Oberliht” (Chisinau, Moldova), Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts (Chisinau, Moldova) and Center for Contemporary Art “KSA: K” (Chisinau, Moldova)

Special thanks to Nicolae Pojoga, Mircea Druc and Lilia Dragnev.