Niko-Niko Street (jap. smiling street)


Wandering through Niko-Niko street in Tokyo, I drew parallels between the Japanese social model. I wanted to understand what kind of dreams these people have, what kind goals they had in youth and how they implemented in reality, under the influence of the Japanese ideology and most importantly what kind of future within the framework of Japanese consumer society they see for the younger generation in our days.

The project was implemented in the form of a photo — sound.

2016 “Panorama of the past or how to survive yesterday’s tomorrow”, “Universe 69” (2nd phase),              Gallery “co-ume lab” Tokyo, Japan.

With the support of Joshibi University of Art and Design, Gallery “co-ume lab” Tokyo and Nomura Foundation.

Special thanks to Atsuko Mochida and Hidemi Nishida.