All wars have already been canceled


I have lived in Armenia more than one year, at that time I conducted artistic research in many areas such as political changes in Armenian after the Soviet collapse, social transformation inside different levels of Armenian society, the historical trauma of the Armenian people after the Genocide by the Ottoman Empire, the effects of anthropogenic influence of climate change and much more.
However, one of the strongest impressions I felt was that no matter what I studied, I always encountered a huge problem regarding discrimination against women at all stages of historical development of Armenian society.
From my part, I do not accept such attitude to women. I believe that everyone has an equal chance for self-realization; everyone should be given a real chance for individual development, regardless of the gender orientation. Through the implementation of the project, I tried to realize a series of photographic three-dimensional intervention by means of blending documentary research in the public space of Armenia on archival photo materials.

The project was implemented in the form of photo collage.

2016 — 2017 ”Every Margin Tells a Story”, Museum and Science Center “Arktikum”, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Special thanks to Satu Miettinen and Daria Akimenko.