Do not yearn, anyway, we will be together forever


Today contemporary paradigm erases the national borders and therefore the national peculiarities separately taken the nation. This generates a gap between the heritage of the past and the generation that lives today. Growing generation is much easier to integrate into contemporary values, but often have no idea what was an important component in the life of their ancestors.                                                                           Undoubtedly evolutionary processes still no one could stop but nevertheless, the process of transferring information from the old to the new generation did not break, it was a natural phenomenon of any historical epoch.                                                                                                                                                             The work on preserving and increasing of national values, is the prerogative of domestic policy of government, but when each citizen will realize, at least a small attempt to preserve his own identity, thereby the person will be able to simulate and to determine the vector of development for the future representative generation of the country of which he or she is.

2013 “Do not yearn, anyway, we will be together forever”, public space in the city of Bergen, Norway.         “Double mouth” gallery “Cândido Portinari”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.                                                             “Voice, Text, Collectivity”, “USF Gallery” Bergen, Norway.

Assistant of the project: Hidemi Nishida and Ruxanda Stefanov.

Special thanks to Brandon LaBelle.


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