Friendly fire, which we won


No secret that public space is to some extent a public phenomenon, but being inside the individual continues to remain closed in its own vacuum and it does not tolerate attacks on its internal sovereignty, but at the same time experiencing a burning interest in more deeply rooted in someone else’s.
Moreover, it should be noted that the project was implemented in the midst of the early parliamentary elections. Allowing the development of these events were synthesized with the work to some extent in visual-political discourse, which considers a critical point, located at the epicenter of social dynamics, as well as to society requirements for critical self-reflection.
Due to these target plants were monitored for response and behavior of the potential electorate, the way behind them and constantly monitor, which in principle does not contradict the current situation in the Republic of Moldova, on the contrary, it emphasizes.

2014 “Black Sea Calling”, Center for Contemporary Art – The Ancient Bath, Art Today Association, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2013 “Black Sea Calling”, BrotKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria.
2010 “Friendly fire, which we won”, public space in the city of Chisinau, Moldova

With the support of Centre for Contemporary Art “KSA: K” (Chisinau, Moldova), Socio-Cultural Centre “73” (Chisinau, Moldova) and Association for Contemporary Art < rotor > (Graz, Austria).

Assistant of the project: Ruxanda Stefanov

Special thanks to Margarethe Makovec and Eva Meran.