Each of us was born into a particular state, where there are specially designed laws, and that you must obey and not violate them, we appear in any family occupying a certain status in society, with a possession of a financial well-being, that in the future in good circumstances will allow us to get a decent education and a profession. Based on the above mentioned we are forming our personality and then we are doing choice in our life, believing that this choice was done by us, and not forced upon us by «circumstances».
Unfortunately, this eradicates the existence itself of the human choice in his or her life inside of the capitalistic paradigm.

The project was implemented as a photo installation.

2009 “The larvae of the future” within the program “One Sixth Plus”, special project of 3rd Moscow Biennale, ZurabTsereteli’s art gallery, Moscow                                                                                                               2006 “Punct — edu», the community of art and design “MESO”, Frankfurt, Centre for Contemporary Art “KSA:K”, College of Arts  “A. Plamadeala”, Chisinau, Moldova.                                                                     “Television show”, Latin Union and Centre for Contemporary Art KSA:K, Chisinau, Moldova.

Technical assistance Dmitriy and Yuriy Ermurachi.