And already Natasha!


Presently, in the Republic of Moldova practically is no possibility to support relatives with fair work (the intellectual or physical has no value)! This fact stimulates citizens to leave the native places in search of the best possibilities. Under the statistical data, Moldova has left about 1, 3 million its citizens. Large quantities of children remain to be “thrown” by their parents. It has pushed off a society with a new phenomenon of human tolerance in relation to the fundamental cells of the society – CHILDREN. In turn, it is necessary to notice that the Republic of Moldova takes the third place in the world after Albania and Ukraine in the illegal human traffic and sale people to the sexual slavery, and the biggest part of these sales are occupied with minors. According to the noncommercial organizations, in the Republic of Moldova, the sale of people in sexual slavery begins from the FIVE YEARS AGE!

The project was implemented in the form of photo installation.

2010  “Import-Export: From Moldova with Love», New Museum, Weimar, Germany.