Letters to mom


It so happened that buying in one store a box with a family photo archive from the 40s, accidentally I got a few letters written in the 90s. These letters were written by a woman undergoing compulsory treatment at the psychiatric clinic in the city where I am living at the moment. They were addressed to her man/husband and her daughter. They contained emptiness, loss, the fragility of her existence, sensuality and other aspects related to the personal, rather even intimate, post-traumatic experience formed under the influence of a mental disorder. Also among other letters was one letter, the answer from her daughter. In which she wanted to clarify the situation, add a different meaning to the everyday reality of her mother. Exactly this letter was the starting point for analyzing the situation in the direction of the memory of psychological trauma. Exactly this letter was the starting point for the creation of this project. I tried to visualize imaginary letters addressed to the mother from her daughter, and maybe about what did she possibly write in them...      [wonderplugin_gallery id="61"]