Moldavian everywhere

The actual social situation in the Republic of Moldova is an acute problem and it is about the massive emigration of the people. The Moldavian citizens, which are working on the foreign territories, do not have a scientific, cultural or another intellectual activity, they have low-qualification and the low-payment unfortunately currently this is characteristic for most of them. They do not have the chance to admire the beauty of any regions, indifferent to the created beautiful illusion of the harmonious existence with the entire world.

The largest part of them have a lot of stress and fill a hidden oppression. And that first wonderful illusion turns to one disrobed simulacrum. In this project, the photographic stand was only a screen of the actual situation. Behind the main image, there another reality with different life elements was formed.

2008 “Intervention 3”, Chisinau, Moldova.

With the support of Young Artists Association «Oberliht» (Chisinau, Moldova).

The assistance of the project: Ruxanda Stefanov.

Special thanks to Liudmila Bouros.