The concept of the project laid directly in the text of the image. The essence of the narrative describes the image of the victory over somebody, somewhere, somehow, that in itself is a certain kind of rhetoric directed towards exposing and destroying the internal obstacles of a single personality, since they exist only in the own mind.

It is kind of a mass leaflet, which can be transmitted from hand to hand, from generation to generation, from the territory to the territory. It does not have a way of identification, it is timeless, as well as an external geopolitics.

2010 “CAN” Festival of Public Art, Krasnodar, Russia.                                                                                   2008 “ART RECLAIMS FOREIGN AFFAIRS”, Association for Contemporary Art “<rotor>“, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

With the support of KICA – Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (Krasnodar, Russia) and Association for Contemporary Art “< rotor >“ (Graz, Austria).

Technical assistant of the project: Anatol Rurac.

Special thanks to Nikolay Moroz, Vasili Subbotin, Evgeniy Remkevich,, Konstantin Chekmarev, Stepan Subbotin.