Public individualism


In this action, I wanted to emphasize the existence of individual freedom in the public space of a single individuality. By means of blocking the pedestrian zone in the old town of Tallinn, an attempt was made to analyze how much is artificially exposed a serious obstacle to limit people in their actions (in this case, freedom of movement).                                                                                                                                    I was interested in questions concerning the action that could be done people when they would be faced with an almost invisible and logically absurd border.                                                                                       Would they obey a given situation, or could they take steps to destroy this ephemeral plastic tape?                 It is not a secret that individualism is the opposite of collectivism in which past-Soviet republics have existed for many decades. Nevertheless, we wish to limit it to those areas where the individualism is necessary to prevent violence by the state as well as the dominance of the public in the private sphere, thereby reducing the total amount of violence to a potential minimum.

2013 “(Il)legal aesthetics” Migrating Art Academies, “Ptarmigan”, Tallinn, Estonia.

With the support of Migrating Art Academies and «KUNO» Foundation.

Special thanks to Evi Pärn and Andrej Vasilenko.