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Today, products lose their own significance and become a symbol of belonging to a certain social group. The idea of the possibility of achieving excellence through social consumption creates in the mind of the buyer confidence in the fact that the act of purchase is able to be more satisfying than the actual product that is purchased. Capitalism has created one of the most dangerous of its consequences, such as consumerism.   Human happiness put in dependence on the level of consumption, consumption becomes the goal and meaning of life while ignoring the spiritual values if they are outside the sphere of market relations.             In my opinion, this thesis sets in motion human masses that drive them to seek more favorable conditions for living and future earnings, thereby generating a new wave of human resettlement.

The project was implemented in the form of intervention in the public space.

2012 “Black Sea Calling”, Linz, Austria.

With the support of  Association for Contemporary Art  < rotor >,  Graz, Austria.