150 from 2513

Located at the intersection of two-time coordinates (tradition and modernity) is necessary to resolve questions about the developing innovative nature of the adequate relationship between external influencing factors and the generated internal reflections of our own consciousness.
We are talking about changing the fundamental principles of communication and private space of a single person by means of developing Internet technologies.
Now, almost everyone has their website or own page on the social network, acquiring the experience of existence in another dimension.
Presently the internet space forms the component of the mass orientation. Due to this exists the absence of sensation of the real, physical space; people began to spend time in a virtual theater, find out news via chat, make purchases in online stores, reproduce the attributes of an ideal state by means of creation virtual cities and countries, to marry with each other, and much more, which generates a plausible semblance of genuine life.
Social relationships come to a different evolutionary spiral, while often trying to abandon very fast the old values of formation of our identity.
The rapidly changing goals and means are raising the question: where today is the limit that separates the public spaces of the XXI century and relatively free virtual manifestation?
Could two items, which are representing the ordure of history and its avant-garde coexist in a public space, while engaging in an intimate discourse with each other without violating the autonomy of each other?
The desire to provide answers to these questions, call us to reflect on the revaluation of public spaces and its components units that are able to develop other communication links through new technologies.

Moreover, in the installation “150 of 2880” I was showed the result of an artistic research, which was implemented in several stages: distribution in public places in Krasnodar visit cards to be a friend in the social networking service Facebook, further analysis and collection of material from albums of the newcomers friends, which characterize the most investigated person, and subsequent representation of the material collected from the virtual area in a real public space.

The project was implemented as an interactive photo installation.

2011 “150 of 2880“ KICA – Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia.                           “Media Impact”, International Festival of Activist Art, ARTPLAY Design Centre, 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.

With the financial support of Nikolay Moroz.

Technical assistance: Vasili Subbotin, Evgeniy Remkevich, Konstantin Chekmarev and Stepan Subbotin.

Special thanks to Nikolay Moroz, Vasili Subbotin, Evgeniy, Konstantin Chekmarev and Stepan Subbotin.