Workshop at the Julius-Raab-Mittelschule (Weitra/Austria)


Within the framework of the Art Residence Program from KulturKontakt Austria, in addition to artistic projects, I have expressed a desire to be involved in pedagogical processes in Austria.

The partner of this pedagogical experience was Julius-Raab-Mittelschule  from Weitra. Sabine Waigmann was a representative of this educational institution.

For the realization of workshop I was offered workshop in the field of painting.

The first day for me was more of an introductory experience.
I tried to feel the students analyzed their creative potential and selected a more adequate model of communication. For the reason that the next day the program was much more intensive and the number of students were 47 at the same time. It should also be noted that the first day we have been working with acrylic paints.                                     

On the second day we had to work with oil paints. At the same time, not a single student knew anything about oil paints. I had a very difficult task from a clean slate, not only theoretically explain but also teach students how to work with all the elements of the oil painting.

The end results I was very satisfied! Of all the students, only 1-2 people could not complete their work. All the others have not only finished their work, but I think that they coped with all tasks perfectly!

Special thank to Nicole Marjanovic, Brigitte Burgmann, Irmgard Bebe and Sabine Waigmann

With financial support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery


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