Workshop at the JOHO Art School (Vienna/Austria)


Within the framework of the Art Residence Program from KulturKontakt Austria, in addition to artistic projects, I have expressed a desire to be involved in pedagogical processes in Austria.

The partner of this pedagogical experience was JOHO Art School from Vienna.                                             Martina Papadopoulus was a representative of this school

For the realization of workshop I was offered workshop in the field of painting.

When I just came to prepare a class for the future workshop with the students. the teacher warned me immediately «you just do not worry much, we have difficult children.»

However, since my early childhood I was a very «difficult» and problematic child, I grew up and grew in size, scale and consequences of the problems that I created. By her warning the teacher did not scare me at all, for me this condition was natural for me for so many years… I took it more as a pleasant joke, no more.

The experience that I had in this school I really liked. Students’ contingent was a little bit older. They were more consciously approaching the solution of the tasks assigned to them.                                                     In my life I always adhere to the golden rule, every person is unique and individual, for this reason I am sure that each person needs a special, individual approach both in simple communication, and even more during the educational process!                                                                                                                                We have never had the language problems, even with one boy who only came as a refugee from Afghanistan and could neither speak nor understand in any language other than Persian.

I would like to note that ART has no national borders, colors of national flags, the color of national money, religions and languages, the language of art is the love of beauty and therefore the love of the world and for another person!

Special thank to Nicole Marjanovic, Brigitte Burgmann, Irmgard Bebe and Martina Papadopoulus 

With financial support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

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