Destroying the zero presence (Riga/Latvia)


Today the cultural situation that has taken shape in Latvia is different from the situation that was developing on the European area, despite the fact that it is part of the European area. Considering that, Latvia is a historic neighbor of Norway for the regional development and participants tried to find common related segments that exist between Latvia and Norway.                                                                             Our main objective was to revival of the internal communication through the development of a constructive dialogue between the cultural historical having family ties, to create an artistic communication this allowed us to deconstruct and fill the existing vacuum in the artistic context that exists in one region.                       We tried to change the social climate inside the cultural society in which we intended to promote this cultural proposal. For participants of the project was a task to build a common field of discourse due to the close interaction on the level of educational and artistic initiatives.

The project participants developed a positive interaction in which the goals and interests of the participants were the same because the achievement of the goals of one the participant was only possible through ensuring the interests and aspirations of the other participants of this project.                                             This project was a cultural and educational exchange between Norwegian artists and Latvian audience.

The participants realized a group exhibition and a round table. Within the round table was organized a discussion with students from Latvian Art Academy regarding the current situation on the topic of development of the artistic dialogue between Norway and Latvia.

2013    “Destroying the zero presence” Totaldobže Art Center, Riga, Latvia

Curator: Alexandru Raevschi                                                                                                                          Co – curator: Kaspars Lielgalvis                                                                                                      Participants: Alexandru Raevschi, Nishida Hidemi, Egil Paulsen, Gabriel Nils Edvinsson and Lasse Aristad

With the financial support of Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Bergen, Norway) and Totaldobže Art Center (Riga, Latvia)

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