Born of the emptiness (Krasnodar/Russia)


Today’s society, as an all-encompassing social system, is constituted with the distinction itself from the surrounding world to which concerns the system of consciousness. By restricting ourselves from the outer world, the society is able to operate with a closed manner by the reason that only a genuinely social operation acts is communication. In addition, the operational isolation is expressed in the fact that one communication is connected with another communication. In this case, a potential medium of communication is in the form of artistic relationships within the framework of the project, between the city of Bergen, Norway, and Krasnodar, Russia. Certainly, the cultural situation, which was formed in Russia, is radically different from the situation that has developed on the European territory, if taking into account the specific characteristics of the historical cultural environment.

By our actions, we as participants of the project, tried to establish not only the relationship and communication between different cultures and contexts, but also the most importantly within the claimed constructive discourse was implemented the exchange of information, it was implemented by means of the artistic communication and contributed of the understanding of the decelerated cultural — communicative impulse. It should be noted that our main task was to form an artistic communication in the form of implementation an exhibition and workshop within the framework we discussed urgent issues. This allowed us to deconstruct and fill out the existing vacuum in the context of art which exists between our regions. Thus, we were focused not only on the local artistic scene, but also we looked beyond the boundaries of our regions. We believed that through this activity we tried to change the social climate within the cultural society in which we developed this cultural initiative.

This project was a cultural exchange between Russian and Norwegian artists. The participants realized a group exhibition, round table and took part in an art residence near to the city of Krasnodar. Within the round table was organized a discussion concerning the current situation on the topic of development of the artistic dialogue between Norway and Russia.

2013 “Born of the emptiness”, Gallery «REDGIFT» at the Cultural Center «Typography» Krasnodar, Russia.                                                                                                                                                     Curator: Alexandru Raevschi                                                                                                                      Coordinator: Stepan Subotin                                                                                                               Assistants: Tania Stadnichenko, Vasilii Subotin, Evgenyi Rimkevich, Julia Kapustyan and Alena Sofkina.                                                                                                                                         Participants: Alexandru Raevschi, Nishida Hidemi, Egil Paulsen and Lasse Arikstad.

With the financial support of Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Bergen, Norway), Evgeniy Rudenko (Krasnodar, Russia) and Nikolay Moroz (Krasnodar, Russia).

With the information support from the information portal of the South Russia “yuga.ru”

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