Given modernity’s current development of new paradigms, the human essence has undergone enough changes, both in terms of appearance, and of internal maintenance.
In turn, it was reflected on those representatives of a human civilization who are at the head of economic and financial interests of intercontinental corporations, which started the process of uninterrupted alteration of geopolitical spaces in the world.
It is necessary to notice that thanks to the engine of the human factor any economic theories that appear are absolutely not well-founded.
Recently, despite the advancement of the protectionist measures in the economic environment, the latently implied sense of lobbyist interests (on the similarity of movement of particles at sub-quantum level) takes place. Therefore, this opens the perspective vision of changes which have already started at the present in the active movement of the aforesaid representatives of a civilization reveals.
The result will not keep itself waiting long in effective display of aggression to the people living indisputable territories on means of wars, or under the division of formerly uniform countries in states smaller and weakened; the humanitarian character will help not only to the separate countries but also the whole geographical regions (for example, the Eastern Europe, to the African continent, East region, and many other interested modes).
In addition, it will be completely not surprising, if, within little time, a piece of the world map in the maintenance will represent an absolutely different mosaic of interests covered by good changes of sociopolitical evolution.

2014 An Indifference map”, Gallery “ap ARTe”, Iasi, Romania.

Curator: Alexandru Raevschi
Co – curator: Dan Acostioaei

Alexandru Raevschi, Nishida Hidemi, Egil Paulsen, Ionut-Gabriel Toma, Bogdan Armanu and Silvia Amancei.

With the support of Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Bergen, Norway) and George Enescu University of Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design (Iasi, Romania).

Special thanks to Luminita Apostu.

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