Alexandru Raevschi (Alexandr Raevskiy) was born in 1979 in Chisinau. Lives and works in Marburg.

He received Master’s degree from “Ion Creangă” Pedagogical State University in the field of Fine and Decorative arts (Chisinau, Moldova), Master’s Degree from Academy of Public Administration under the President of Moldova in Economic Sciences (Chisinau, Moldova) and Master’s Degree from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Fine Art (Bergen, Norway).

His artistic work explores questions of social life and interaction with the political system, using painting, sound photo and video installation. This results in situational and contextual projects that create forms of intervention in public spaces as well as exhibition spaces, acts of translation and archiving.

Current research projects focus on memory trauma and its aestetisation, politics of invisibility, search for the national identity of individual social groups and reaction to changes under the influence of mental features of the contemporary paradigm.

As an organizer of group projects, exhibitions, workshops, the main basis of his activity is in the area of formation of new opportunities for direct discourse of artists, which are trying to develop new forms of social communication within the «big» art world and the free cooperation, opposing the institutional and commercial dictates.

His artistic work has been presented at the #00Havana Biennial, Havana/Cuba (2018), Center for Creative Industries (CCI) “Fabrika”, Moscow/Russia (2017), Museum and Science Center “Arktikum”, Rovaniemi/Finland (2017), Gallery “co ume lab”, Tokyo/Japan (2016), East Centric Architecture Triennial, Bucharest/Romania (2016), Palais am Festungsgraben, Berlin/Germany (2015), Zachęta – Project Room, Warsaw/Poland (2015), Knoll Gallery, Budapest/Hungary, Vienna/Austria (2014), Kunsthall, Bergen/Norway (2014), Cente for Contemporary Art – The Ancient Bath, Art Today Association, Plovdiv/Bulgary (2014), BrotKunsthalle, Vienna/Austria (2013), gallery Cândido Portinari, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil (2013), Totaldobže Art Center, Riga/Latvia (2013), Bergen County Jail, Bergen/Norway (2012), Factory Art gallery, Berlin/Germany (2012), Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow/Russia (2011), Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar/Sweden (2011), 3rd 4th – 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow/Russia (2009-2011-2017), World exhibition, Shanghai/China (2010), New Museum, Weimar/Germany (2010), 1st 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow/Russia (2008-2010), Gallery Posibila, Bucharest/Romania (2008), Biennale of young artists, Tallinn/Estonia (2007), National Museum of History and Archaeology Chisinau/Moldova (2006), National Museum of Art, Chisinau/Moldova (2002), among others.

He was awarded several scholarships, grants and awards, including scholarship from Austrian Federal Chancellery (Vienna/Austria), scholarship from CEC ArtsLink, (New York/USA), grant for a group exhibition from Nomura Foundation (Tokyo/Japan), grants for organizing group exhibitions from Bergen Academy of Art and Design(Bergen/Norway), grant from EEA Grants (Oslo/Norway), scholarships from Norwegian Ministry of Education, travel grants from “KUNO” (Tallinn/Estonia), grants “Step Beyond(Amsterdam/Netherlands), award from Museum Complex Iulian Antonescu” (Bacau/Romania), scholarship “Young Creator” from Soros Foundation in Arts (Chisinau/Moldova), among others.